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Aspen Class 4 Laser Therapy now offered in Chapel Hill, NC!

Laser therapy is a safe and pain-free treatment modality for pain and inflammation.  This FDA-approved therapy for pain relief is now offered in our Chapel Hill office!

Laser therapy decreases pain and inflammation associated with acute and chronic injuries.  The cold laser also helps to promote accelerated healing and regenerate tissues.

Aspen Class 4 laser therapy for pain

In our Chapel Hill office, we use cold laser therapy for various musculoskeletal conditions including:

  - Knee pain

  - Knee swelling (including baker's cysts)

  - Meniscus tears 

  - Plantar fasciitis/Achilles Tendinitis

  - Foot pain and heel pain

  - Shoulder pain/Rotator cuff problems
  - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  - TMJ pain 

  - Neck pain

  - Lower back pain


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