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Spinal Decompression Therapy now offered in Chapel Hill, NC!

In our Chapel Hill chiropractic office, we offer gentle spinal decompression therapy for lower back pain relief, neck pain relief, and relief from radiating leg pain and arm pain.  This specialized therapy is a non-surgical and drug-free treatment for herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, sciatica, and numbness and tingling.  
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Spinal decompression therapy is a revolutionary treatment that works by gently stretching the spine in a precise and graduated manner which takes pressure off the discs or gel-like cushions of the spine.  This non-surgical and FDA-approved treatment in Chapel Hill, NC provides distraction forces coupled with partial relaxation to the spine which creates a negative pressure or "vacuum effect" within the disc.  This "vacuum effect" allows oxygen, nutrients, and hydration back to the discs of the lumbar and cervical spine over the course of a series of treatments.  
This treatment is very safe and comfortable.  Patients may lay on their back or stomach based on their comfort while treatment is performed.  Spinal decompression typically lasts 15 minutes and most patients take a nap while on the table because they feel instant relief from pain!   Research studies of spinal decompression therapy show that 85% of people with back pain felt better after this treatment.
You do not have to live with debilitating low back pain or leg pain!  Spinal decompression therapy is a state-of-the-art treatment that can offer relief for low back pain, leg pain relief, and sciatic pain relief.  Whether you have degenerative disc disease, bulging discs or herniated discs our specialized, gentle, spinal decompression therapy can get you back on your feet and out of pain!
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lumbar spinal decompression.jpg
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In addition to providing pain relief for pain in the lower back or sciatica our spinal decompression therapy in Chapel Hill, NC can provide relief for neck pain and radiating arm pain.  Whether you have been in a car accident, or have degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine, or have been dealing with chronic neck pain, non-surgical spinal decompression can provide relief for neck pain or radiating arm pain. 
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