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Our Partners:

Lauren Stewart is an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council On Exercise. 
Lauren helps her clients build strong, functional, resilient bodies for life. She is a creative biomechanics nerd who loves breaking apart movements with each client to help them move the best for their body and sports. She has guided her clients through pre- and post-op fitness programs for back, hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries. She also has experience with creating adaptive exercises for people with chronic neuromuscular and autoimmune diseases. Every challenge is an opportunity for change, for innovation, and for fun!
You can find Lauren at FIT on Main in Carrboro, NC.  She is also available to make house calls for private training.
Phone: 919.632.5183

John Foster is a Certified Personal Trainer with advanced certifications from NASM in Corrective Exercise and Sports Nutrition.

John has been training clients for the past 12 years and focuses on training programs that prevent injury. His style of training stresses the importance of postural awareness during exercise, sports, work and daily living.

John trains his clients at his studio in Chapel Hill (Chatham County) or you can find him at Snap Fitness in Southern Village.



Phone: 919.619.4351

At Chapel Hill Training, private personal training takes on a customized and focused approach, uniquely designed based on the goals of each individual client. Our certified expert trainers have worked with clients rehabbing from injury, working towards a fitness goal, or beginning a workout regimen. Our tailored approach is varied from any experience with a big-box gym or other facilities in the area. Our clean, inviting studio will make you feel at home from the moment you step inside. 


We will ensure the you are getting an excellent training session, with education, form refinement, and a well-rounded approach suited to provide you with a customized training program. We will challenge you to become better with each and every session. Whether you are looking for a one-on-one, partner, or small group training setting, Chapel Hill Training has just what you want..and need.

Phone: 919.636.4556

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