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Are subluxations the cause of your aches, pains, and poor health?

A subluxation is when one or more vertebrae lose their normal position, and they interfere with the nerves they were meant to protect. This interference can cause pressure or irritation on the spinal cord and/or on the nerve roots as they pass out of the spinal column. This misalignment of the vertebrae and pinching of the nerves is called a subluxation.

Headache, pain at the base of the skull, pain or numbness of the face, stiffness or loss of normal movement of the neck, neck pain, shoulder, arm and hand problems including pain, numbness and loss of strength and nerve related problems involving eyes, ears, nose and throat. Tension between the shoulders, mid-back pain, pain wrapping around rib cage, problems affecting the heart, lungs, stomach, gall bladder, and other digestive organs. Low back pain, pain in the legs, disc problems, hip pain, groin pain, lower abdominal pain, bladder and bowel problems, many different reproductive problems, and circulation problems in the lower body. Pain at the base of the spine, bladder and bowel problems, hip pain, and sacroiliac pain. The list goes on...


Subluxations do not always cause pain! Only 18% of the nervous system is devoted to pain. The other 82% of the nervous system is in charge of other functions in the body like: breathing, pumping blood, beating the heart, digestion, contracting muscles and etc. Subluxations affecting nerves that control the pressure of blood through arteries can cause high blood pressure, just as subluxations affecting nerves to your stomach can cause indigestion by producing too much or too little acid in the stomach.

Isn't it time you tried chiropractic care for you and your family?

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