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Headaches and Bedwetting Helped by Chiropractic

The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health published a report on May 6, 2019, reporting on the case of a young girl who was suffering with headaches as well as bedwetting being helped by chiropractic. What makes this case interesting is that the chiropractor was unaware that the girl had a issue with bedwetting until after the problem had resolved with chiropractic.

The study begins by reporting how common headaches are in the pediatric population. "Approximately 60% of children and adolescents all over the world suffer from headaches. With a prevalence of 20-25%, tension type headaches is the most common cause of primary headache followed by migraine headaches with a prevalence of 8%." They also note, "In the United States, 5.3% of children aged 6-17 years experienced frequent and severe headache."

In this case, a 7-year-old girl who was suffering with headaches was brought to the chiropractor by her parents. The girl's headaches began three months before she visited the chiropractor. Neither the girl or her parents could identify anything that could be identified as a cause for starting the headaches. The girl's headaches were more frequent during the day. This created issues in school as the girl often had to go to the school nurse for Tylenol causing her to miss classes 3 or 4 times per week. The little girl described the headaches as being in her forehead and at her temples.

The girl was taken to a pediatrician who determined that since the girl was also suffering from constipation that she was probably dehydrated. Her pediatrician's advice was to drink more water and continue with Tylenol to treat her headaches.

When a chiropractic examination was performed, it was noted that the girl had an abnormal posture with an high left shoulder relative to the right side, her head was tilted to the left and held forward, and her entire posture had a forward lean. Palpation revealed areas of malposition and sensitivity at certain levels of the girl's spine. The girl also showed an irregular and restricted range of spinal motion. A spinal thermographic (heat) study showed areas of irregular patterns.

From the findings, it was determined that the girl had vertebral subluxations. With consent from her parents, and agreement from the girl, chiropractic care was started. Initially, the girl was given specific chiropractic adjustments at the rate of two times per week.

After just the fourth visit, the girl reported a decrease in how often she was getting headaches. After 10 weeks of chiropractic care, the girl was free of any headaches. Several weeks later, a follow-up was performed in which it was noted that the girl had not gotten any additional headaches.

It was at this follow-up that the mother then told the chiropractor that since being under chiropractic care, the girl has also stopped her bedwetting. As this was not the reason that the parent brought their daughter in for care, the chiropractor was unaware that the girl even had this issue. In any event, the bedwetting had also been corrected under chiropractic care.

In their discussion, the study authors acknowledge that in addition to the girl getting relief from her headaches, there were also unknown benefits to her chiropractic care. "We want to acknowledge that many children presenting for chiropractic care may have more than one complaint and as in the case presented, their presenting complaint(s) was not only addressed successfully but patients and parents alike report “other” benefits of the care they received."

Does your child suffer from headaches or bedwetting? We can help! Our Chapel Hill doctors are specially trained to work with kids of all ages. Give our office a call to schedule a free consultation to see if chiropractic can help! 919-307-6688

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